Worry Woos Program Port Macquarie and Wauchope

An emotional intelligence program for school aged children 6-9 years

A therapeutic emotional intelligence program to develop strategies to assist young children to develop their ability to identify and respond to emotions across different environments. This is achieved through engaging activities, children’s books and toys, with wonderful exciting characters for each different emotion. The program also provides strategies for families and carers to assist in supporting their child’s emotional development at home. Sessions will cover worries, frustration, fixation, self-regulation and inner strength.

“Emotional Intelligence is broadly defined as being able to recognise, understand and manage our emotions. It is just as important as a child’s academic ability and in fact, is a better predictor or happiness and success in life” – Dr Irvine, Worry Woos, 2014.

This program is being run by Early Connections Educator Kerrianne White and Speech Therapist Naomi Jaques.

The focus of this group is on building empathy, creating positive understanding, improving emotional intelligence and developing a healthy social environment for children of anger and frustration.

There will be six to eight children in each group. Due to the size of the group and the space in the therapy area, it is recommended that parents/carers settle their child into the group then wait outside.


Monday mornings  9:30am- 10:15am

When: Beginning 22nd October for 7 weeks

Where: Early Connections, 1 Merryman Way, Port Macquarie.

Cost: $420 for the group (7 x 45 minute sessions)


Tuesday afternoons 2pm-3:15pm  

When: Beginning Tuesday 16th October for 7 weeks

Where: Early Connections, 2/80 High Street Wauchope (next to ETC employment).

Cost: $420 for the group (7 x 45 minute sessions)