Coffs Coast Virtual team

The teams across the Early Connections Alliance hope you are all keeping well and managing in these very uncertain times.

The Alliance has been reflecting and discussing how we can ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing are maintained, while still providing you all with the wonderful supports you have been receiving to date.

Our aim is to minimise disruption to your child’s program as much as possible during these challenging times. The teams are confident that the quality of support to you and your child will not be compromised.

Like many organisations, Early Connections is constantly reviewing the situation with the Novel Coronavirus and putting additional precautions in place in response to the continued spread of CoVid -19. Our priority is the health and safety of families and children, staff and contractors, as we endeavour to continue to offer our supports. We will be following the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health at all times.

In order to minimise risk to everyone the Alliance is currently reviewing how we provide supports and, where possible, setting systems up to enable support to be provided remotely. We want to assure all families that Early Connections is dedicated to providing quality supports and will continue to assist all families we have service agreements with.

What does this mean for you and your family?

1. Alliance sites will be looking at ways to reduce face to face supports and offer supports in alternative ways. This may include the use of phone consultations, video link ups and use of video feedback (where you record video snips of your child engaging with you / with others / or with an experience. This is a great way for the Team to support you to reflect on these moments with your child, give you feedback on what is occurring, and come up with solutions on how you can continually support your child at home.)

2. No group sessions will be offered

3. Many off site visits will cease, please check with your local Early Connections.  Face to face supports will continue to be offered at Alliance Centre sites. This reduces the exposure and cross contamination that would occur by team members moving from place to place. (A risk assessment will be completed prior to ANY in Centre Face –to Face sessions to ensure the team member is protected).

4. Before and after all individual onsite sessions all surfaces will be cleaned with antiviral cleaner.

5. Minimal contact will occur between team members and the client. Families will be coached and supported to implement programs for their child by Early Connections team members.

6. To ensure ongoing viability of all sites the Early Connections Alliance will be following NDIA advice in regards to fee charges and new cancellation guidelines. This may result in increased hourly rates, a broader scope of the late notice cancellations and a 100% charge for cancellations – as identified and recommended by NDIA.

Early Connections Alliance is doing everything in its power to ensure continuity of supports is maintained and no family should feel the need to withdraw from supports. Please discuss support options with your local Early Connections site to ensure a tailored support program can be developed for you and your child.

We thank you for your support and flexibility in working with us on this.