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Thriving at School Workshop

25 parents attended the Thriving at Schools workshop thanks to funding from ECIA NSW ACT, the peak body for early childhood intervention.

Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching

Sara Phillips parenting coach from Mindful Parenting, Mindful Coaching shared lots of fantastic tips and strategies for parents with children starting school in 2018. Strategies included:

  • * Visits to school
  • * Talking and books
  • * My New School Story & Canteen Story etc…
  • * Snapshot of my child for the teacher (key words, likes/dislikes)
  • * Communication with the teacher- email, informal meeting,
  • * Transition to school programs to meet other kids
  • * Practice…independence and social skills
  • * Plan for the big farewell and pick up on the first day
  • * Build a Support Team! Nurture Yourself!
 “It was great to present to so many parents about navigating the start of school. It can be an emotional time for parents and children so it’s wise to have a toolbox of strategies to help you through challenging days,” said Sara. 

An in depth look at how to cope with before school and after school emotions and behaviour received lots of positive feedback.

A big takeaway tip which is super important is to nurture yourself and have calm down strategies in place for your child and yourself. Your children will be exhausted in the early days so it’s important to be prepared.

Looking more long term, try to build a positive support team around your child and work collaboratively with everyone involved. You are your child’s greatest advocate.

Attendees said they would definitely use the visuals for morning and weekly routines. There was lots of interest in calming and connecting mindfulness strategies and parents were keen to use the new school social story from the ECIA website.

Thanks Sara for an amazing and practical workshop, we enjoyed the group discussions and energy in the room.

Starting School Resources

If you are looking for more information check out these great resources and youtube clips or contact your local Early Connections