Motor Development

  • play based strategies using sensory environments to assist motor milestones achievement
  • movement and motor planning at all phases and skill levels
  • balance, agility and gait
  • active skills for play and function
  • shoulder and pelvic girdle stability
    and core strength and control
  • hands and fingers strength and coordination
  • drawing and manipulating small objects
  • ball skills for coordination and peer play
  • fitness

Postural tone

  • strategies to increase postural strength
  • strategies to decrease tonic patterns

Equipment prescription

  • measuring, advising, sourcing and guidance for use
  • specialised equipment for feeding, sitting, moving
  • discussion of possibilities and ways to adapt available equipment and resources
  • advice sourcing play based equipment for motor development
Connections Playgroup

How is the service funded?

  • New families can access Physiotherapy as part of your NDIS package.
  • Enrolled families can continue to access services through their Helping Children with Autism, Better Start and Medicare HICAPS support.
  • Families without NDIS funding – check with your local Early Intervention team to see if they offer the option to pay for private services. Contact your local office. 

Meet the team

Early Connections Alliance Physiotherapists have many years experience working  with children with disabilities and developmental delays.

You will find one of our friendly and supportive physiotherapists located at:

We look forward to helping your child with education, therapy and support.