A Key Worker for your family

Children aged 0 -7 will connect to our team through your key worker.

Your key worker is the person you will see and talk to the most. A key worker is an early childhood intervention professional and may be a speech pathologist, special educator, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or psychologist.

Connecting with families through the Key Worker Model

Your child and family will work with a single Key Worker who is the primary contact between you and our transdisciplinary team of early childhood professionals. 

The Key Worker makes sure the important people in your child’s life have the information, resources and support to help your child learn, develop and be included. 

Your Key Worker will:  

  • Help you develop goals and a plan specific to your child
  • Regularly share information with you about your child’s development, success and achievements
  • Supports you with strategies to use in everyday life
  • Give you a flexible and responsive service shaped by your child’s changing needs
  • Visit your child at school or child care to support your child’s inclusion
  • Work closely with you, your child and any other important people in your child’s life
  • Give you the skills and knowledge to understand your rights and advocate for your child  and family
  • Include other specialist team members from the Early Connections team to work with your child using a team approach

Who will my Key Worker be?

The Key Worker Model is best practice, evidence based support for children receiving Early Childhood Intervention.

Your family is the most valued member of our team. We understand that families can provide children with more learning opportunities in daily life than professionals can.

Your Key Worker may be any member of the Early Connections transdisciplinary team.

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Team Around The Child

A team around your child

“We know that Early Childhood Intervention service providers who are using key workers and the team around the child model are delivering best practice, and that this is recognised and promoted by the NDIS” said Caryn Maher Program Manager, Coffs Coast.