Early Connections offer a calendar of workshops and groups to support families, parents and carers. Each Early Connections location offer slightly different services please check with each office.

FamilyConnect Groups for Parents and Carers

Contact your local office for up to date timetables on Kids Connect Groups

Our KidsConnect groups are funded thanks to the generosity of community partners and businesses.

You will need to check with your local team to see if your NDIS funding package can be applied to specific KidsConnect Groups. Thank you.

All the girls are fabulous and helpful.

My son looks forward to coming to Early Connections playgroup and playing with the other children.

We are comfortable here and I don’t feel ashamed any more. I was really nervous about coming at first but I love it now. Some of the other mums are now my Facebook friends. Everyone is friendly and supportive.

It’s helpful to have other children with the same diagnosis because now I don’t feel so isolated and I don’t feel like I’m the only one with a child with Down Syndrome and I know that the things he does is normal. Cassandra Deluca