Mary Cameron

Mary Cameron Speech Pathologist Port Macquarie
Speech Pathologist

As a speech pathologist, Mary provides advice and support to parents, carers and staff regarding communication. She also assists them in assessing and developing children’s communication skills. Providing advice on therapy and treatment advice is another aspect of her role.

Mary is inspired by the patience and resilience of the children and families she works with and finds it incredibly rewarding to be involved in some of the children’s earliest attempts at communicating with others. Mary appreciates that the families connected to Early Connections represent a diversity in backgrounds and cultures and loves looking at the ‘big picture’ for each child and each family. Mary aims to always to bring warmth and humour to her role.

Training & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Linguistics and Education, Hons.
  • Postgraduate Diploma of TESOL
  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology, Hons.
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia.
  • Early Connections membership SPELD NSW
  • Sounds-Write Phonics Instruction
  • Talk for Writing

Mary established a literacy service in Namibia including English classes, the opening of a library and the production of a local newspaper. She has taught English to speakers of other languages in several countries.

With 20 years experience as a speech pathologist working with children with speech, language and literacy difficulties, Mary is working to establish a specialist literacy service for Early Connections.

On a personal note, she loves exploring the local area with her husband and children and is mad for table-tennis too. Her wish list is lengthy and varied – it includes regular travels to Scotland to see family, swimming with dolphins in the ocean, travelling to every country in the world and learning to speak Italian fluently. Bravo!

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