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What is Early Childhood Intervention?

Early childhood intervention is the process of providing specialised support and services for infants and young children who have developmental delays or disabilities, their families and communities, in order to promote development, well-being and community participation.

All services are provided using a family-centred approach, recognising the importance of working in partnership with the family. Services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and focus on supporting the child in their natural environments and in their everyday experiences and activities.

Developmental delay describes a young child who is not achieving new skills within the expected age range.

Disability is a physical, sensory, intellectual or behavioural impairment which affects development.

How do I refer a child to Early Connections - Port Macquarie & Hastings?

Anyone can call Early Connections – Port Macquarie & Hastings (with parental permission) to refer a child.

How much does it cost to use Early Connections - Port Macquarie & Hastings services?

Fees of $50 per quarter are used to supplement government funding so that we can provide a high quality early childhood intervention service for families and children. Fundraising and donations from generous organisations, companies and individuals help us keep fees as low as possible.

However no child or family is refused service if they are unable to afford the fees.

What does family centred practice mean?

Family centred practice means that the intervention takes account of the needs of the whole family. Families decide what their needs and priorities are and the professionals work in collaboration with the family to meet those needs.

Services are offered flexibly in order to meet the needs of each family.

What is an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)?

An Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is a planning process. It ensures that everyone works in a coordinated way towards goals, which reflect the family’s concerns and priorities.
The family decide who comes to the meeting. This may include: other family members or friends, an interpreter and any professionals or agencies working with their child.
Those present will:

  • listen to the family’s needs, concerns and priorities
  • talk about the families strengths, resources and options
  • share information to help the family make informed decisions
  • assist the family to co-ordinate the services they are receiving
    develop a plan to meet their needs.

Where else can I find out about early childhood intervention services?

The Early Childhood Intervention Info-Line is a free service that provides information on the range of early childhood intervention services across NSW. They can be contacted on 1300 656 865.

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