Management Committee

Thanks to our management committees who volunteer their time to contribute to the Alliance with knowledge, expertise, advice and leadership.  

The Early Connections Alliance is a collaborative network of five not for profit organisations on the Mid-North Coast. We’ve delivered excellence in early childhood intervention for over 25 years.

We work together to create a  strong and connected Early Childhood Intervention Network.

Each location is managed independently. The management committees are dedicated to the transparent, accountable and financial operations of Early Connections.

Please contact your closest Early Connections for information about joining a management committee near you. We welcome your support.

Coffs Coast

Registered Charity Early Connections – Coffs Coast Inc

  • President – Ian Braine
  • Treasurer – Lorraine Chowdhury
  • Committee Member – Johanna Turner
  • Committee Member – Ann Crane
  • Secretary – Simone Snell
  • Committee Member -Joy Leach
  • Committee Member -Vicki Braine
  • Committee Member – Jan Newland
  • Public Officer – Lynette Legge

Nambucca Valley

Our AGM is held in November each year and our management committee meet monthly. We operate as Early Connections under the banner of Lifetime Connect.

The current Management Committee members are:

  • President – Sue Woodward
  • Vice President – David Bevan
  • Secretary – Jenni Simmons
  • Treasurer – Geoff Minett
  • Board Member – Sandra Goodby
  • Board Member – Jenny Chapman
  • Board Member – Geoffrey Byron
  • Board Member – Simon Chapman


Registered Charity Special Needs Support Group Inc.

Our AGM is held in September each year and our management committee meet monthly.

  • Margaret Hammersley – Chair Person/President
  • Sean O’Leary – Public Officer/Treasurer
  • Jo Downs – Committee Member
  • Stacey Trickett – Committee Member
  • Katherine Wilson – Committee Member

Port Macquarie / Hastings

Registered Charity Hastings Early Intervention Program

Our management teams meet monthly and the Annual General Meeting is held each December.
The current Committee members are:

  • Tiama Pride – President
  • Kellie Kelleher – Vice President
  • James Arscott – Treasurer
  • Allison White – Secretary
  • Carly Kitching – Committee Member
  • Blair Hancock – Committee Member
  • Lynne Hope – Committee Member
  • Belinda Ware – Committee Member
  • Pamela Moodie – Committee Member

Manning & Great Lakes

Our AGM is held in November each year and our management committee meets monthly.

  • Michelle Richardson – President
  • Jennifer Dornan – Vice President
  • Neesha Young – Secretary
  • Brian Alexander – Treasurer
  • Kylie Parvin – Board Member & Public Officer
  • Lorraine Bonnano – Board Member 
  • Jocelyn Duckett – Board Member 
  • Alunya Wilkinson – Board Member